The core Liberty Gaming team brings together immense experience from a diverse selection of backgrounds, coming together to help shape the future of the GameFi space

Nikolai Gurskyi - Founder & CSO

15 years experience trading commodities, derivatives and crypto assets.Founder of Synergia Capital (market neutral & venture capital), investing in early stage blockchain and digital asset projects.

Thomas Caddick - CEO

18 years experience in the financial sector spanning a multitude of areas, including venture capital and private equity, investment and portfolio management, equity capital markets, sales and trading.

Konstantin Sinev - Managing Director & CMO

6 years in experience in Esports and gaming marketing across various agencies, telecom and startups. Products analytics geek, moved into crypto through belief of blockchain tech as the future of game development.

Oliver Mills - Head of Content & Communications

Writer, content creator and SEO specialist with 8 years experience, including 5 in the crypto space from multiple standpoints. Created content for, initiated, and assisted with marketing strategies in crypto startups in several areas of the space.

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