$LGG Token Model

The utilities and use cases of the Liberty Gaming ecosystem powering currency
The core value presented by the $LGG token is the clear correlation between our underlying revenues and the token price. It’s a disappointing fact that we are faced with large numbers of projects and guilds within the space where we find little to no correlation, but Liberty Gaming are focussed on repairing this issue and giving full visibility.
As our growth continues and we are operating at the targets we see as full capacity, with our scholar numbers either at or above our target levels, our play-to-earn department alone will be creating a lot of revenue. This, of course, will be a big driver to our token price.
Buy Back Programme
Liberty Gaming will incorporate multiple token buy-back loops created through revenues generated by tier-one investments and market neutral strategies, incubated games with shared scholar revenue and passive income generated from external metaverse build-outs.
The Liberty Gaming governance forum provides opportunities for $LGG holders to share and discuss ideas and opinions with the community. In addition to this, all holders have the power to vote on whether to accept or reject any proposal put to the governance community regarding the Liberty Gaming ecosystem.
Staking incentives for locking your $LGG tokens will be available, with greater rewards available for greater commitment, in terms of both value and timeframe. Available incentives will be in the form of $LGG or partner tokens, in addition to other benefits for providing liquidity in decentralised exchanges.
Incubated Game Scholarships
All gamers holding locked $LGG are guaranteed a place in one of the Liberty Gaming scholarship programmes. Gamers of incubated projects can lock up $LGG tokens to receive an upgraded scholarship and further benefits.
NFT Initiatives
The Liberty Gaming token will be utilised as the currency of choice within NFT initiatives with our real-world partners. Using $LGG for Liberty Gaming ecosystem transactions including through our network partners, will add further strength to our token position within the market.