Growth and Development

Detailing the Liberty Gaming growth plans in a number of key areas

Liberty Gaming, by its very nature, caters to a number of audiences; gamers, GameFi projects, investors, the larger web3 space, and by successful execution of our plans, a vast global audience. To maintain and develop these audiences and communities, we ourselves must continue to develop our project, our network and our offerings.

Scholarship Expansion

Liberty Gaming, having launched its first scholarship programme with Axie Infinity, has expanded its offerings in a number of further gaming projects for yield generating opportunities for current and future scholars.

We will continue on this path, dedicated to continued growth of scholarship opportunities, GameFi project offerings and our game project portfolio to satisfy the ever-growing demand within the space.

Network Growth

Partnerships are a crucial part of the Liberty Gaming growth strategy, as we explore new methods to enhance web3 and GameFi community growth and increase the offerings provided to Liberty Gaming scholars and members.

A key component of this growth steps outside of the crypto space and into the real world, building a network of partners that will bring exposure to huge, as yet untapped audiences for both Liberty Gaming and its network of partners.

Liberty Gaming Development

The Liberty Gaming growth strategies will benefit not only Liberty Gaming, but also its ecosystem, network, and the entire web3 gaming space. This development will be aided by building a vast network of partners within the space, and bringing to them as yet unseen exposure through our real-world partner network.

Through collaboration with valuable partners, lucrative yield farming opportunities will be made available to our Liberty Gaming scholars and token holders. Additionally, we will work with game partners to improve our own scholarship scaling solutions for game related scholarship management. This will in turn provide the ability to increase shared profits with $LGG holders, opening up Liberty Gaming to additional revenue streams for our token holders.

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